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Electronic Visit Verification State Implementation Tracker


Welcome to ANCOR’s state electronic visit verification (EVV) tracker! This page aims to provide information for all stakeholders on how states are implementing EVV ahead of the January 2020 implementation deadline (or earlier depending on the state) as required by the 21st Century Cures Act. ANCOR is inviting stakeholders in the community to partake in recurring surveys through which they can share how EVV systems are being set up and/or carried out in their states. These stakeholders include but are not limited to: providers of I/DD supports, state associations representing I/DD providers, advocates with I/DD and other disabilities, and family members of individuals with disabilities.


Orange indicates participation in ANCOR survey, blue indicates states where only preliminary information is available.


** IMPORTANT NOTE ** Readers are advised that to preserve the timeliness of submissions and voice of stakeholders, ANCOR is presenting this information as submitted, without edits or verification.  The content below reflects the views and experiences of others and not of ANCOR – please use it accordingly. To encourage candid discussion, we will keep survey responses anonymous.
To learn more about policy discussions and initiatives surrounding EVV:
To participate in the survey:

State Resources Shared with ANCOR:

Georgia: Website  Newsletter

North Carolina


If you have questions or wish to share your state's status outside of the survey, please email:
Esme Grant Grewal, Vice President of Government Relations, egrant@ancor.org