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Building Exceptional Leaders

One of the hallmarks of the ANCOR Foundation’s two decades of supporting inclusive communities has been the cultivation of exceptional leaders—service providers, disability advocates and other professionals who dedicate their careers to making their communities more accessible and welcoming to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

In this section, you can read and learn more about the ANCOR Foundation’s programs that are designed to develop the next generation of leaders among ANCOR’s vibrant community of providers.

The ANCOR Foundation's Renee L. Pietrangelo Leadership Forum

Since 2015, the ANCOR Foundation has been inviting authors, thought leaders and educators to coach our present and future leaders in the I/DD field. These extended workshops are intended to stretch the thinking and build the skills of our field’s best and brightest leaders. Previous workshop facilitators have included: Tom Schramski, Tom Pomeranz, Carson Dickie, Don Tebbe and Charles Dorison. Topics have ranged from cultivating strengths, implementing and sustaining change to leadership decision-making.

Leadership Academy

Since 2017, the Foundation’s Leadership Academy has recognized and supported emerging leaders building their careers in the field of long-term services and supports for people with disabilities. Through an immersive two-year program, Leadership Academy participants build their areas of expertise to enhance the influence and reputation of disability service providers.

National Leadership Institutes

The ANCOR Foundation has been a leading sponsor of the Leadership Institutes of the National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities at the University of Delaware. Hosted each summer and winter, the Leadership Institutes have transformed thousands of emerging professionals into skilled industry leaders.