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2010 Inaugural Legacy Leaders

In a special ceremony at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC on Monday, September 13th, 2010, The ANCOR Foundation inducted 26 individuals into the inaugural class of its Legacy Leaders Circle. 20 of the 26 individuals were present to receive their award.

Legacy Leaders
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First row (from left to right): Charlene Kinnelly, Tom Daniels, Emily Ennis, Terry Perl, Bonnie-Jean Brooks, Diane Iagulli, Ken Lovan, Charles J. Hooker III, Thomas Lewins.

Second row (from left to right): Patti Manus, Rita Taunton, Nancy Silver Hargreaves, Gary Mrosko, Ann Hardiman, Lynne Megan, Carol Mitchell, Cindy Mahan, Frank Capone, Fred Romkema.

Absent: Richard Carman, Joni Fritz, James Pierce, Jim Richardson, Peggy Schneider, Thomas E. Scheinost.

Bonnie-Jean Brooks
Bonnie-Jean is the CEO of OHI, located in Hermon, Maine. Bonnie has been involved in ANCOR for over 3 decades. She has 20 years experience serving on the ANCOR board ; is a former President of ANCOR; and has provided testimony before Congress numerous times. Bonnie often serves the role of storyteller and the keeper of ANCOR’s history.

Frank Capone
Frank Capone is the CEO of Liberty, located in Amsterdam, NY. Frank spent over two decades serving on the ANCOR Board; Government Relations committee. Frank’s unique contributions while serving as Treasurer and efforts to create the ANCOR Foundation are but two examples of how Frank has helped move this organization forward.

Richard Carman
Richard ‘Rich’ Carman currently serves as Senior Vice President of Public Policy and International Development of Mosaic. Rich contributed his talents to ANCOR in many ways; He is a former Board of Director; served for several decades on the Government Relations committee; and was instrumental in developing both the National Advocacy Campaign and International committee.

Tom Daniels
Tom is the former CEO of Faith Hope and Charity, located in Storm Lake, Iowa. Tom previously served on the ANCOR Board of Directors; Board of Representatives; Member Services committee, and served a critical role in helping new ANCOR members acclimate to the organization.

Emily Ennis
Emily Ennis is the CEO of Fairbanks Resource Agency, located in Fairbanks, Alaska. She has been involved in ANCOR for over 20 years, serving on both the ANCOR and ANCOR Foundation Board of Directors. She has served on several committees and continues to share her enthusiasm and passion for the profession in her role as Secretary of the ANCOR Foundation.

Joni Fritz
For nearly 30 years, Joni Fritz served as the CEO of ANCOR. She wore many hats and was the glue that held ANCOR together throughout many critical transitions.

Ann Hardiman
Ann Hardiman currently serves as Executive Director of (NYSACRA), a trade association located in Albany, NY. Ann has been one of the most active state association executives in ANCOR history and continues to provide leadership within the Government Relations committee and the National Advocacy Campaign.

Charles J. Hooker III
Charles “Charlie” Hooker is Senior Vice President for Keystone Human Services, located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Charlie currently serves on the ANCOR Board and has been instrumental in developing the organization’s International program and presence.

Diane Iagulli
Diane Iagulli is the current CEO of Delta Projects, located in Dedham, Massachusetts. She spent over two decades contributing her talents and gifts to the Government Relations committee and was instrumental in ANCOR’s lobbying efforts with Senator Ted Kennedy.

Charlene Kinnelly
Charlene Kinnelly, former executive of Uplift in Gardiner, Maine and current lobbyist for the Maine Community Association of Providers, served on the ANCOR Board of Representatives for several years. Charlene was integral in making Membership development a priority in the organization.

Steve Lesko
Steve Lesko is Executive Director of Hope Community Services, located in Anchorage, Alaska. Steve’s visionary leadership prompted the organization to change its name and called for a broader vision of what community could mean for those we serve.

Thomas Lewins
Thomas ‘Tom’ Lewins is the current Executive Director of New Avenues to Independence, located in Cleveland, Ohio. In addition to serving on the ANCOR and ANCOR Foundation Boards, Tom has been THE advocate for adequate housing within the ANCOR family for many, many years.

Ken Lovan
Ken Lovan is the current Senior Vice President of Government Relations for ResCare, located in Louisville, Kentucky. He served on the Board of Directors for several terms; was Vice President of the Government Relations; and was instrumental in establishing the National Advocacy Campaign on which he continues to serve as chair of the steering committee.

Cindy Mahan
Cindy Mahan is the CEO of Friendship Community Care, located in Russellville, Arkansas. In addition to being a previous member of the Board of Directors and Board of Representatives,. Cindy currently represents ANCOR on the National Fire Prevention Association sub-committee.

Patti Manus
Patti Manus is the Executive Director of Rainbow of Challenges, located in Hope, Arkansas. For over 2 decades, Patti has served at all levels of the organization: Board of Directors, Board of Representatives, various committees. She continues to exude her passion for the profession as a current ANCOR Foundation board member.

Lynne Megan
Lynne Megan is current CEO/President of TSE, Inc., located in Roseville, Minnesota. Lynne is a former ANCOR board of director. She is commonly credited with being one of the people who helped focus on membership development at ANCOR.

Carol Mitchell
Carol Mitchell serves as CEO of Verland, located in Sewickley (Si-wick-lee), Pennsylvania. For over two decades, Carol served on the ANCOR and ANCOR Foundation Boards. She remains active in helping ANCOR with various fund development campaigns, including this evening’s event.

Gary Mrosko
Gary is the former executive of Opportunity Village, located in Clear Lake, Iowa. He served on the Board Finance Committee and was chair for several years.

Terry Perl
Terry is CEO of Chimes International, located in Baltimore, MD. Terry is a former President of ANCOR; served 2 terms as the ANCOR representative to CARF; and was one of ANCOR’s first members to provide services internationally.

James Pierce
James ‘Jim’ Pierce is the former executive of Independence Association, an organization located in Brunswick, Maine. Jim served on the Government Relations committee and is best known for being an advocate for meaningful employment options for those we serve.

Jim Richardson
Jim Richardson is the CEO of Cedar Lake Lodge, located in Louisville, Kentucky. Jim served on the ANCOR board of directors; board of representatives; and on several committees within Government Relations.

Fred Romkema
Fred Romkema is CEO of Northern Hills Training Center, located in Spearfish, South Dakota. He is a former President of ANCOR; served on the Board of Representatives; and continues to advocate for people we serve in his role as state legislator.

Peggy Schneider
Peggy Schneider is the past executive at Independent Living Services, located in Conway, Arkansas. She served various roles on the board level and was instrumental in helping to save habilitation clinic services through a Congressional Senate Bill Amendment.

Thomas E. Scheinost
In his former role as Executive Director of South Dakota’s state provider association, Tom emphasized the need for a well-trained workforce among his members. He single-handedly created the Six State Summit, which brought together state association executives in meaningful dialogue and has continued to grow in scope and stature.

Nancy Silver Hargreaves
Nancy currently serves as the CEO of WCI, located in Waltham, Massachusetts. For the past 2 decades, Nancy has served on the board; Board of Representatives; and on various committees. Nancy is a champion for ANCOR membership in Massachusetts and always assists whenever called upon.

Rita Taunton
Rita Tauton is executive of Community Living Services, located in El Dorado, Arkansas. Rita has been instrumental in engaging the legislators in Arkansas and the national Congressional delegation in her state on key issues impacting public policy.