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2019 Legacy Leaders

Bob Baker, Keystone Human Services, Harrisburg, PA

Currently Vice President of ANCOR’s Board of Directors, Bob Baker has made several significant contributions in the nearly 10 years he has served as an ANCOR leader. He has been essential to the association’s sustainability on nearly all fronts, including ensuring ANCOR’s financial stability, strengthening its bylaws to allow more member participation, and contributing to the selection of its current CEO. Bob has experience advocating at the state and federal levels and brings that experience—along with his expertise in health care and managed care—to bear on the association’s effectiveness. As his nomination stated, “Bob has a deep commitment in providing the highest quality of services and supports to individuals with disabilities. He recognizes and values individual differences and diversity as a means of validating our own uniqueness and affirming the great diversity of the human community.”

Paula Hart, Volunteers of America Minnesota & Wisconsin, Minneapolis, MN

A member of ANCOR since 2005, Paula Hart became CEO of Volunteers of America Minnesota & Wisconsin in 2011, the same year she began the first of two terms on the ANCOR Board of Directors. She was instrumental in moving the Board toward generative thinking and processes that improved the Board function, strategic planning and outcomes. Always willing to take on the less glamorous tasks during her tenure on the Board, Paula has served on several governance task forces that have strengthened the ANCOR community. Perhaps most importantly, Paula has been a longtime advocate for people with disabilities, including those with I/DD as well as individuals impacted by behavioral health needs.

Naomi “Deane” Ruppert, Emmaus Homes, St. Charles, MO

An active member of ANCOR for more than two decades, Naomi “Deane” Ruppert held a variety of official titles: she served several terms on the Board of Directors, was appointed or elected to numerous committees, and chaired and co-chaired multiple task forces. However, those who knew Deane remember her first and foremost by her unofficial role: Social Chair. Always the first to organize dinners, special events for newcomers and informal conference gatherings, Deane made it her job to get to know everyone and make sure no one sat alone when they were at an ANCOR function.

Deane Ruppert passed away in 2017 at the age of 86. She is being inducted into the Legacy Leaders Circle posthumously.