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Direct Support Professionals: Perspectives and Innovations from the Field

September 7, 2012 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm
Eastern Standard Time


The demand for a quality direct support workforce is increasing dramatically. People with disabilities, families and organizations are faced with new challenges related to the recruitment and retention of these workers that play a critical role in the lives of people using supports.

In this webinar, nationally recognized strategies for addressing the workforce crisis will be examined by an expert in the field; the voice of a DSP will be heard as she shares her passion for working on the frontline and how her organization has supported her and the work she does through professional development opportunities; and a representative from a Moving Mountains award-winning organization will wrap things up by discussing the importance of competency-driven training and collaboration.

Note: all times are Eastern


Lynda DiPressi, DSP-Certified, New Horizons Resources Inc.
Lynn Rivas, Co-Executive Director, Consumer Directed Services Network
Lori Sedlezky, Director of Knowledge Translation, Research and Training Center on Community Living’s Institute on Community Integration