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Practicing Medicine in the Digital World: Ohio’s Telepsychiatry Project for Intellectual Disability

October 28, 2015 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm
Eastern Daylight Time



Join ANCOR on Wednesday, October 28th to hear from one of the prime architects and clinicians of a program that exemplifies ANCOR’s commitment to foster innovation and advance community participation and independence through the use of technology.

Ohio’s Telepsychiatry Project was initiated in January 2012 to provide specialized services to individuals with co-occurring mental illness and intellectual disability who live in outlying communities that lack the infrastructure and resources to offer the highest quality care. Three years later, over 500 patients with IDD from 52 counties receive mental health treatment through this statewide grant-funded project. The project fosters innovation and the use of virtual software for the provision of the highest quality mental health care to individuals in the state with the most complex needs.

Here’s a glimpse at the outcomes:

  • For the first 120 individuals engaged in the program, emergency room visits decreased from 195 to 8 and hospitalizations decreased from 74 to 10 (comparisons are 12 months prior to telepsychiatry use to 12 months post treatment).

  • More than 50 individuals were discharged from state operated institutions and others were in danger of short-term admission; none of the initial 120 involved in the project were admitted or readmitted to state operated institutions.  This saves the state approximately $80,000 per person per year in support costs.

  • Travel costs were reduced in some cases by 68% by not having to travel distances for specialty psychiatric care. (Miami County, 2012)

Dr. Gentile will take us through the logistics of developing and funding the program, initial bumps and challenges on the road to implementation, answer your questions and help you explore whether telepsychiatry could be an effective tool for the individuals you support.


Julie P. Gentile, M.D. (jen-TILL-ee) is Professor of Psychiatry at Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio and the Project Director for Ohio’s Coordinating Center of Excellence in Mental Illness/Intellectual Disability and Ohio’s Telepsychiatry Project for Intellectual Disability. Dr. Gentile co-edited the textbook Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability (Wiley and Sons, Inc.) and has evaluated more than 3,000 individuals with co-occurring mental illness and intellectual disability.