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Using Online Training to More Effectively Train Dispersed Staff and Reduce Costs

July 31, 2014 - 6:00pm to 6:45pm
Eastern Daylight Time

Sponsored by partner
Relias Learning


Online training is changing the way organizations deliver training to remote staff, reduce turnover, speed up onboarding, and reduce overall training costs.

Join us for this webinar on Thursday, July 31 at 2:00 PM EDT as we explore the key features and benefits of online training.

To make this session practical, Support, Inc., an ANCOR member, has been invited to share how they are using Relias Learning’s online training platform to solve the challenge of training a growing number of employees spread across a large geographic area.

We’ll explore how online training addresses a number of common training challenges, including:

  • Setting up curriculum for staff who are geographically dispersed

  • Reducing overtime costs related to training 

  • Integrating with existing live and customized training

  • Managing training records and reporting

  • Speeding up onboarding

  • Reducing liability risk

Providing career paths for DSPs to help reduce turnover.


Kelly Vecellio has been with Relias Learning since 2009. She has a background in developmental psychology and was a community resource specialist for children and adults with developmental disabilities. Relias Learning provides online training to over 3500 organizations, including ANCOR members Sunshine, Brandi’s Hope Community Services, and InterAgency Council of Developmental Disabilities Agencies, Inc.

Evan O’Neal Kirkman is the residential coordinator at Support, Inc.— an ANCOR member which provides community based services that result in quality lifestyles: Lifestyles that are characterized by integration into the community, a sense of belonging, empowered choice-making, and opportunities for growth and learning.


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