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Honoring Exceptional Leaders

We’re not just all about building exceptional leaders—we’re also all about honoring the leaders that have made inclusion possible for people of all abilities. In this section, you can learn about the various ways in which the ANCOR Foundation recognizes the rich contributions of the leaders that have paved the way toward fully inclusive communities.

Community Builder Award

At the ANCOR Foundation, we measure the soul of the community by its inclusivity. We measure it by the attitudes and actions of every community member toward people with disabilities—from providers to businesses to the organizations and individuals who work together to expand opportunity for all people. We also measure the soul of the community by examples of bold leadership.

Legacy Leaders Circle

The ANCOR Foundation’s Legacy Leaders Circle celebrates the accomplishments of long-term ANCOR members who have made significant contributions to ANCOR during their tenure as a member. The inaugural class of 25 Legacy Leaders was inducted in 2010 at ANCOR's 40th Anniversary celebration, and new inductees have been honored annually.

President’s Award

The ANCOR Foundation’s President’s Award recognizes the accomplishments of individuals who have contributed to the field of disability supports in ways that have uniquely advanced leading-edge practices and profound innovation. Since its inception in 2013, the President’s Award has been bestowed upon three honorees, illustrating the high honor that accompanies the award.