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Exceptional leaders supporting inclusive communities.

For more than two decades, the ANCOR Foundation has dedicated itself to building and celebrating leaders who devote their careers to inclusive communities. Our mission is to recognize current and past leaders and to develop future leaders through dynamic education and innovative practices to strengthen inclusive communities for people with disabilities.

Group photo depicting members of the ANCOR Foundation Board of Directors at the 2022 ANCOR Annual Conference in Miami

A Community of Exceptional Leaders

The ANCOR Foundation is led by a group of leaders committed to making our communities stronger by making them more inclusive.

Meet Our Board of Directors
A man and a woman supported by Cedar Lake posing together at a picnic on a bright, sunny day.

A Rich History of Inclusion

View highlights of how the Foundation has supported exceptional leaders and celebrated inclusive communities throughout its history.

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A Driving Force for Inclusion

Learn about what has driven the ANCOR Foundation since its inception in 2000 by viewing our Bylaws, the Foundation’s founding document.

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ANCOR Board Member Chad VonAhnen posing at a fundraiser with three of the people supported by his agency, Johnson County Developmental Supports

A Commitment to Transparency

We know your resources are valuable, so we’re committed to being transparent when it comes to how the Foundation’s resources are put to work in service of inclusive communities.

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