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2011 Legacy Leaders

2011 Legacy Leaders
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Left to Right: Julian Streett, Larry Weishaar, Amy Gerowitz, Peter Kowalski, Than Johnson, John Rose, Renee Pietrangelo, Dan Berkowicz, Gary Mattson.

Absent: Dennis Felty.

Dan Berkowicz is the former and founding executive director of New Hope Community in Loch Sheldrake, New York. Dan was active in many ANCOR committees, as well as the Board of Representatives.

Dennis Felty is the CEO and founding president of Keystone Human Services in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which has since expanded its services internationally. Dennis served as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative.

Amy Gerowitz is a former president of the ANCOR Foundation. She was also the founding consultant of the team that helped create the Ohio PATHS Direct Support Program.

Than Johnson is currently CEO of CRSI in Urbana Ohio. He is currently on the ANCOR Board of Directors and co-chairs Government Relations. Than was a two-term president of the ANCOR Board of Directors.

Peter Kowalski is executive director of John F. Murphy Homes in Auburn, Maine, and is the immediate past president of ANCOR. Peter served two terms as president of the ANCOR and co-chaired the National Advocacy Campaign.

J. Gary Mattson served as president of ANCOR’s board of directors in the early years and has the distinct privilege of being the only five-year term president in the history of ANCOR.

Renee Pietrangelo was appointed CEO of ANCOR in November 1999. Since that time, she has orchestrated the development/transition of infrastructure, systems, processes and governance structure to support the vision and mission of ANCOR, including the creation of the ANCOR Foundation and the launch of a National Advocacy Campaign.

John Rose began his career at Liberty ARC in Amsterdam, New York. He served as vice president and national point person for the Irwin Siegel Insurance Agency. He has transitioned into director of a day program in New Hampshire. John was previously on the ANCOR Foundation Board.

Julian Streett was executive director of the Arkansas state DD association, Community Resources Network, for many years. Using his experience as a former state legislator, Julian helped preserve the day habilitation option used in 20 states in 1992—a major ANCOR victory.

Larry Weishaar is the Vice President of Customer Relations and Quality for ResCare, Inc. He is a member of the ANCOR Board of Directors and co-chairs the ANCOR Performance Excellence Committee.