Leadership Academy Mentors

Photo of an older woman leaning over a computer screen and teaching a younger woman.

The ANCOR Foundation is grateful to the many I/DD leaders and subject matter experts who serve as mentors for the Leadership Academy’s next generation of leaders in the field of I/DD services.

Leadership Academy Mentors

  • Bonnie-Jean Brooks, President and CEO, OHI (Maine)
  • Patricia Browne, President and CEO, National Children’s Center (District of Columbia)
  • Robert S. Budd, CEO, Family Residences and Essential Enterprises (New York)
  • Natasha Fisher, Director of Strategic Marketing, Relias (North Carolina)
  • William Loyd Jr., Director, UI REACH (Iowa)
  • Heidi Mansir, Executive Director, Uplift (Maine)
  • Lynne Megan, President and CEO, TSE (Minnesota)
  • Regis Obijiski, retired, former Executive Director, New Horizons Resources (New York)
  • Rita Wiersma, CEO, Accord (Minnesota)

Call for Mentors

Looking for a way to give back to the next generation of leaders in I/DD services? The ANCOR Foundation is currently accepting applications for new Mentors! Submit an application by May 24, 2023.