Cheryl Plank

Image of a woman with brown hair smiling at the camera. She is wearing glasses, a red blouse and a black suit jacket.

About Cheryl

With 35+ years of experience in the nonprofit sector, Cheryl has served in a variety of leadership roles overseeing a large array of services. Her experience spans a range of programs demonstrating a strong record of leadership, management, policy development, relationship building and a passion for service that has impacted the lives of many people. In January 2022 Cheryl became the CEO of Hope Haven Area Development Center (HHADC) in Southeast Iowa.

Prior to her arrival to HHADC, she was the CEO of Vision 20/20, a project assisting small nonprofits in Muscatine, Iowa to work together to assure mission-driven sustainability. These organizations work with individuals with disabilities; seniors; housing and homeless.  During her time working on this project, she led the effort to merge two of the organizations – Crossroads, an agency that provides services for people with disabilities and Senior Resources, an agency that provides services to seniors.  Cheryl was the CEO of Tenco, Inc. in Ottumwa Iowa for 3 years prior to taking the role in Muscatine. During her tenure there she was able to develop several relationships with state legislators.  Cheryl spent nearly 18 years in a variety of positions with Lutheran Services in Iowa (LSI). Her last position there was as the vice president of operations.

Cheryl has participated as a member of Iowa Association of Community Providers (IACP) for many years. Serving as the Children’s Advisory Chair in 2015 and 2016, and then became a member of the IACP Membership Committee. In September of 2017, Cheryl was nominated and elected as an at-large member of the IACP board for a 3-year term. In October 2019, was appointed as the Secretary of the Board and the Chair of the Membership Committee. She also served on the Iowa Providers’ Political Action Committee (PAC). She currently serves on the IACP board, the Government Relations committee and chairs the Membership committee. Cheryl was awarded the Relentless Advocate of the Year Award from IACP in 2020 and was recently appointed to the ANCOR Foundation Board of Directors.

Cheryl’s personal mission (her why) is “to use my abilities to serve, support and sustain peace and understanding through compassionate action.” As an organizational and servant leader, she is mindful of the absolute importance of modeling behaviors that always and in all situations, reflect her organization’s values and manifest its mission. She believes that successful change begins with effective communication, a clear vision and an inclusive approach. Married to Tim for 40 years, they enjoy bike riding, hiking, vacationing and spending time with their 2 sons and their families, including 8 grandchildren.