Rita Wiersma

Headshot for Rita Wiersma, who has shoulder-length dark hair and is wearing a charcoal grey blazer with a black and white scarf

About Rita

For over 30 years Rita has been an active member of the disability community. What began because of being the parent of someone who happens to have a disability, became a passion for service to people who deal with the social injustices of living with a disability or mental health issue. While Rita has worked for school systems, county government and multiple nonprofits, her passion is to address and advocate for the systems that support people to live full lives in their communities as defined by them.

Rita has been the CEO of Accord for over seven years. During her time with Accord she has focused the agency on helping people live their greatest lives and developing a talented workforce.

Prior to moving to Accord, she was the Executive Director of Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan for eight years. Rita is a President of the ANCOR Foundation, Board Member of ANCOR, Secretary of the Board for Altair ACO, Board Member of ARRM, Co-Chair of Value Based Payment Committee and active in Lutheran Services of America Disability Network. She has also served as a board member of MN-CCD and PACER Center and has testified to the Medicaid Commission in Dallas, the Administration on Community Living in Detroit and for local legislative issues.

Rita enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren, traveling and serving her fellow citizens.