National Leadership Institutes

We’re proud to sponsor the Leadership Institutes of the National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities.

The purpose of the ANCOR Foundation is to build capacity for the next generation of leaders to provide inclusion services for people with I/DD.

One of the ways in which we do that is by partnering with the National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities to sponsor its National Leadership Institutes. The ANCOR Foundation provides financial support to the Institutes, and offers free, six-month ANCOR memberships to all Institute participants.

The Institute supports the development of skilled leaders who are passionate about quality, have the management and financial skills needed to run solid not-for-profit businesses and government agencies, are capable of assembling top-notch teams of caring staff, and have a solid commitment to progressive values that assured lives of meaning and impact for the individuals receiving support. For more information and an online application please visit NLCDD’s website.


The course emphasizes participation and collaboration, extensive reading and structured assignments will be required in advance, written assignments and individual and group participation. Participants will leave with a network of colleagues and enduring relationships with some of the most influential leaders in the field.

Participants had this to say about their experience:

  • “The Leadership Institute was a major catalyst for personal growth and action- not only as an individual leader but as a participant in a growing movement for change.”
  • “This experience has validated my values and given me confidence in skills I did not realize I had- it has opened my eyes and my heart and made my vision very, very clear.”
  • “The Leadership Institute challenged me to be a voice for change- then gave me the tools I need to make it happen. I gained the confidence and skills I need to go back and shake my world.”

For further information, visit the National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities website.